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PostSubject: Band Profile   Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:32 pm

Band Requirements & Organization

Membership in the Band is voluntary.  All one need do is apply in the appropriate thread.  An Officer will then inform you of the Band's decision.  In all likelihood, this being a gaming and fun-loving community, so long as you're not a jerk you will be welcomed with open arms.

Knowledge and experience in TA:K is not necessary.  Members will do their best to educate and train newcomers on the finer points of the game.  The Band does not pretend to be the best, nor should we act in that manner, but we do enjoy the game and that's the whole point.

While not required, it is preferred that all Members be active on the Forums at least thrice a week, and participate on GameRanger once a week.  Band Events will hopefully be held at least once a Month, and all members are encouraged to attempt these events.

Until such time as more personnel join the Band's ranks, we shall operate on a relatively even-footing.  However, as time goes on and the need arises, various positions will open to help run the Band, to adequately see to every member's needs.  Promotions will be based primarily on activity and attitude; members who feel they can contribute are welcome to apply for promotion.

Founder & Lord - Bardan
Lieutenant-General -
Banner-General -
RedArm -
RedArm -
RedArm -

Policies and Procedures of the Band

1. Respect the members, new and old, regardless of Rank. We were all noobs once.

2. Members should strive to get to know one another, and respective playing styles. Only then can the Band become a cohesive unit on and off the battlefield.

3. Members of the Band should always practice courtesy with one another, and with other clans. Remember, as a member, you are representing the Band.

4. When a Band event is planned, all Members are welcome - though participation is not compulsory for membership. Those who do wish to join should RSVP in the appropriate manner.

5. Misunderstandings should be settled privately by the concerned parties; if necessary, seek the help of an Officer to serve as mediator.

6. Offenses of any sort by anyone in the Band will be dealt with according to the severity of the transgression. These include:

-Discourteous, impolite, or ill-mannered attitudes;
-Insults of any kind to any fellow TA:K player, be they members of the Band or not;
-Clashing with other members, arguing/fighting in the Band's forums;
-Clashing with any of the Officers or Moderators publicly;

1st Offense - Private Warning
2nd Offense - Reprimand*
3rd Offense - Public Warning
Final Offense - Disbandment
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Band Profile
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