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 Band Recruitment

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PostSubject: Band Recruitment   Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:42 pm

Applications for Membership in the Band
Italics are my answers to serve as examples.

Both for the Forums and for GameRanger.

I use Bardan for both.

Something you are comfortable with other members knowing.

My name is Matt.

Contact Info
Indicate whether you use Skype, Yahoo, or some other IM/email service.

I can be reached at white.wolf.27@hotmail.com via Skype or MSN.

Years of Experience
How long have you been playing TA:K?

I have been playing for 13-14 years.

Gaming Ability
How good of a player do you think you are?

Multiplayer, I give as good as I get. I can kick the pants off of most AIs though.

Level of Involvement
How much do you wish to devote the Band?

I'll likely be around at least once every day, at least on the forums. Once a week on GameRanger until my schedule clears up.

What do you like to do in-game and out?

I like playing 3rd party and testing out new units. Otherwise, I like lots of other games, biking and swimming, and spending time with my wife.
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Band Recruitment
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