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 New Members & Introductions

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PostSubject: New Members & Introductions   Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:48 pm

These are the newest members of the Band. Please make these fellas welcome and tell us something about yourselves!

I'll go first, as appropriate to the situation.

I'm Bardan, known by many names over the years (WhiteWolf, HighMagus, TroyerIV, etc). I've been playing TA:K now, off and on, for more than a decade. I was once a member of the small clan Knights of Magic, members of which produced two 3rd party races (Brakada, Delean) and a slew of stand-alone units, as well as plenty of other projects in the wings (Ethia, Gemsis, Illohir, etc) which continued after my own somewhat lengthy hiatus. In the interim, I've discovered a small but stubborn TA:K communit has held out and continued excellent work - as evidenced on this board. I've only recently rejoined Multiplayer on GameRanger, the last game I played against another human being was back when Boneyards was still active.
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New Members & Introductions
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