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 [KING] of the Hill

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PostSubject: [KING] of the Hill   Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:03 am

Hello everyone and welcome to the first TA:K tournament hosted by the [KING] clan.  As stated in the recruitment topic, [KING] is a competitive gaming clan.  I'm happy to say that a good handful of people have taken interest in keeping the competitive aspect of our community alive and [K] will do it's best to meet that demand.

So once again, thank you for clicking on this thread and showing your interest and support.  

Before I begin with the rules, I would like to note that [KING] is evolving into more of a gaming league then it is a clan.  You are free to join with my express permission and the permission of your clan.  You are expected to fly the [K] tag between tournament registration and your dismissal of the tournament.  Dismissal includes losing, being removed for unsportsman like conduct (guidelines found here), or forfeiting your bracket position through inactivity or self admission.  Once the event is complete you are free to come and go.

For our first [K]OTH there will be a first place prize of a silver membership to the winning account.

I will do my best to leave a registration room open all week for those who wish to join.  Names will be added on the tournament bracket as I see them come in.  Registration begins from now and ends on Friday, Oct. 4.  The tournament begins Oct. 5th.  Smurfs are encouraged and welcome.

It's your responsibility to arrange the match with your opponent, play the match, and let me know the outcome.  You have one week to complete the match.  If the match has not been played both positions will be forfeit.

You are free to choose and agree your own maps.

Any accusations of cheating or foul play that are not backed up by video proof will be disregarded.

Flying the league tag [K] is required until your removal from the tournament.

The length of the tournament will be determined on the number of competitors.  Assuming we have eight people then we are looking at roughly a 3 week period.  Games are encouraged to be played as soon as possible so we may move forward as quickly as possible.  I think one week is plenty of time for someone from EU to play their BR counterpart.

Enough said.

Happy gaming!
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[KING] of the Hill
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