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 Technical Difficulties!

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PostSubject: Technical Difficulties!   Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:01 pm

Ever since I tried to host an image.. I noticed I downloaded something onto my computer.  Ever since than I cannot log onto GameRanger.  Ever since than, I've been trying to uninstall everything that I loaded onto this computer just so I can play online again but I guess I have been failing.  Need some help please!


I may not be very computer savvy, but I figured this much out..  I am currently doing a system recovery.  I hope that every "bad" change that has been made to this computer will be offset as the system restores to a previous date in time.  It is currently "checking for solutions."  This might take a while though. 

Who's say's I'm not computer savvy!  Well, at least I'm not completely computer illiterate!  Hehe. Cool

**Edit #2**

Well, it turns out I need to be the computer's Administrator to have those privileges.  I have to wait until my old man gets home so I can complete a system restore, or at least uninstall some of the BS that had gotten onto this pc.  Hmmmmm.

**Edit #3**

Everything if good now. pirat 
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PostSubject: Re: Technical Difficulties!   Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:48 pm

Topic moved to Support Forum, Questions & Help Requests Section.

Solved, so Locked.


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Technical Difficulties!
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