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 TA:K Freezing when Alt+TAB Fix

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PostSubject: TA:K Freezing when Alt+TAB Fix   Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:18 am

Yo guys, passing here to show a fix to TA:K freezing after alt+tab, not working after that. Not sure if it'll work with everyone, but it worked for me. So, if you're having those problems, follow the instructions:

1. Go to C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms
2. Search for a file called ChooseRenderer.exe
3. Open it.
4. Double click Direct3D Renderer.
5. That's it.

Software MMX gives way more performance, though when I alt+tab at this mode, game freezes and I can't come back to the game. Direct3D gives more visual beauty but you have to sacrifice much FPS for that.


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TA:K Freezing when Alt+TAB Fix
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