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 Fixing Delean, Fairies, brakada, and a few others besides Solaron and Gemisis (branded)

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PostSubject: Fixing Delean, Fairies, brakada, and a few others besides Solaron and Gemisis (branded)   Sun Apr 03, 2016 11:28 pm

Hellow there TA:K modders if anyone is wanting to fix the 3rd party races and these are jsut problems cause the ones i will list arnt broken but they do have somewhat of en edge over the regular races and no not just omg this is exeremly broken just needs fixing buffs, and nerfs will be given in fairness.

Remove throwable wave and make it deal the normal mon dmg to other mons not full dmg (as Deekay has looked at this and it does the full dmg to a monarch not less the full 5k dmg and it has a huge range)

nerf the halfling dmg as 800 dmg on an archer that can be spammed is alittle bad i mean they do have **** health but still.

lower the T2 builders cost i mean they cost more than the T3 builder no really 7.7k for T2 6.3k for T3.

buff the t2 units they dont feel worth it some of the time i mean they are all situational besides the archer they are ok.

Nerf elf archer dmg, give mercnaries a slight health boost, Cave gaint needs alittle more dmg

Make the alabstist tower do more dmg and the border towers

increase build time for lady bugs

increase monarch health

indacators to show what is builds and what is units.

fix the only towers hit box

nerf Fairy warriors health regain

increase cost and build time of elvin archer.

Decrease Fairy Queen model.


lower mana cost and build cost across the board.(mostly for T2)

lower build time to the loadstones they take way to long to build.

buff water Nyphm dmg and health

buff Battle mage dmg on his abilities

Nerf marksman dmg

Buff T3 units so there build time and cost make them actually worth building

Buff Tower dmg

Buff phalaxs health

increase model and hitbox size of the bird (cant recall its name at the moment)

slightly increase Sorceress health and dmg but also increase her cost and build time

Nerf thunderdrakes 3rd spell dmg and his basic attack.

Better indacator to whats a builder/ unit spawner and what are regular units,

nerf to Bonebeast dmg or his health not sure on this one but not both.

Horror Queen needs a health nerf and slight dmg increase.

Spectre needs a health buff

Cursed paladin needs a slight dmg up and a slightly faster movement speed.

werewolf health, health regain up and bonus dmg to human targets and less dmg to metal or robot targets.

Mummy needs dmg upgrade

Eraser needs a dmg up

Abysmal king dmg and health Buff.

Move T2 loadstone to necromancer

Apycolypes mage dmg up.

fly movementspeed up

Zombies (they are called something else cant rember) slight health increase.

better indacator for builders and units.

Magots increase dmg to undead units.

Vampire lord slightly better health.

ThunderHand (this also goes for Cursed) dmg slightly down and a slight range increase or have it only target units.

better 3do for buildings and towers.

The Lich King is here bow down mortals and make way for the undead sorreror
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Fixing Delean, Fairies, brakada, and a few others besides Solaron and Gemisis (branded)
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