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PostSubject: Creon   Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:55 pm

Creon: For v5.0: added the gamespeed anti-hack addon

-T1 Sage: increased mortar speed and now attacks air units; decreased vertical mortar range; increased speed; added veteran textures and transformation
-wall: is now a unit
-mana refinery: works on water now
-gate: can now get hit
-gatling crossbow: minimum attack range removed; can now hold 1 unit; cost, buildtime, and attack decreased
-t1 smithy
-navy yard
-barnstormer: added
-garacaius: resized, explotion and maximum hp added

T1- Smithy: changed buildangle to 0, can now hold 10 units
-automaton: can now be frozen, rebalanced with swordman
-fire wagon
-tortoise: can now be frozen; NEEDS speed increased to be balance with aramon axe cavalry
-hedgehog: added; can now be frozen; has the catapult type attack
-wheel warrior: added; rebalanced with horseman; NEEDS veteran textures and transformation, NEEDS to keep spinning while attacking
-volo machine: added
-t2 mechanic

T2- Mechanic
-mana refinery
-gatling crossbow
-observer: added; rebalanced with lighthouse, can now hold 1 unit
-bomb sprinkler: armor increased
-prismatic mirror: moved to t4 balloon as an anti-ground unit; anti-air attack removed
-navy yard
-t1 smithy
-t2 factory: added
-academy: moved to t3 chief engineer

T2- Shipyard: changed buildangle to 0, can now hold 15 units
-steamer: added
-stern wheeler
-iron clad
-gunboat: added; can now explode and transport; rebalanced with flagship

T1- Gunboat: can now build
-mana refinery
-gatling crossbow
-t1 smithy

T2- Factory: explodes and leaves no debris; can now hold 15 units
-robotic reaper: rebalanced with maceman
-schock trooper: rebalanced with ballistic archer
-attack drone: rebalanced with onager
-wacker: rebalanced with chariot warrior, NEEDS veteran textures and transformation
-terrapin: rebalanced with mermaid, hovers on water
-amphibian: rebalanced with mobile mortar
-Decoy: Sage, rebalanced with priest, can now use the 2nd weapon
-t3 chief engineer: added; cost and build time decreased

T3- Chief Engineer: can assist building; paralyser works properly
-wall: added
-mana refinery: added
-mana amplifier
-mana vault: added; no unit limit; can now cloak
-t1 smithy
-t2 factory: added
-navy yard: added
-t3 academy
-aerial juggernaut: moved to t4 capitol atys

T3- Academy: changed buildangle to 0, can now hold 20 units
-schock trooper: moved to t2 factory
-cyborg knight: added; balanced with barbarian
-plasma trooper: added; rebalanced with mage archer; attack is now guided
-dino rider: added; rebalanced with grenadier
-beast rider: does not attack air units now
c-automaton II: added; rebalanced with titan
-creon stinger: rebalanced with dirigible II, NEEDS veteran textures and transformation, can now transport 1 unit
-neo dragon: can now transport 1 unit; resized
-t2 mechanic
-t3 chief engineer
-t4 Structural Balloon: added

T4- Structor Balloon
-mana cannon(lvl3 mana stone): added; can attack but does not cloak like the other lvl3 mana stones
-gatling crossbow
-bomb sprinkler
-paralyze tower
-aegis tower: anti-air
-prismatic mirror: can only attack ground units now
-Iron Juggernaut
-navy yard
-t4 Capitol Atys

T4- Capitol Atys: can now hold 25 units
-Sentinel: rebalanced with t4 maniac, NEEDS veteran transformation
-Ice giant: rebalanced with aramon t4 mage titan; can now walk on water
-New Drone: rebalanced with aramon centaur; attack is now guided
-Steal Clad: rebalanced with flame cannon; can now attack over walls
-Ornitphter: can transport 1 unit
-Storm Bringer: rebalanced with angels, NEEDS veteran transformation
-Aerial Juggernaut
-Structor Balloon


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