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 Aramon vs Azurians

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PostSubject: Aramon vs Azurians   Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:48 pm

Reposted because i'm a dumbass and posted in wrong spot Smile

I did this log on my new epic map. I did find a few glitches with the mana while playing it. Some didn't show up. I'll fix it in a bit.


Blocking it off (Game Time: 15 minutes)

15 minutes into battle I got some defences up and the Azurians where attacking my weak spot. I never expected them to go into that corner. On the other hand I'm having my troops delayed from attacking the Undead by another group of Azurians, which is making me mad. The group that did make it through though is making some progress destorying the Undead. They will probally get killed off soon.

Doing good (Game Time: 50 minutes)

Well I'm 50 minutes in. The Undead wheren't as helpless as I thought. I now have 2 rolling towers and 5 cannons behind them storming through the undead. I have no yet hit the spawn, which seems to be dense. On the other hand I completely set up defence against the Azurians. I have 15 Cannons over there, which I plan to set upon them when I am ready. I'm about half done making the Avatar of Anu. Started it early. After that I'll send Elsin into the Undead area to steal some stuff, that is if there is anything left. Now for more important business. The Banished? WTF happened to them? No one has seen them for almost a whole hour! I really hope it's not another shitty race like the Lizarions. Picture below with some details.

Death of the dead (Game Time: 55 minutes)

I have broken through the undead defences and found the Lich King! With my Cannons I quickly dispatch of him. Which kind of sucks. I wanted to steal the race. All well. In the mean time the Azurians are still attacking my unstoppable defence. I'm going to redirect my brackets and keeps to the Azurians, with the troops I already have out will meet at the Undead base and check out what happened to the Banished.

OMFG! WTF?! (Game Time: 58 minutes)

So I send some spy hawks over and guess what I found? NOTHING!! The Banished are no where to be found at all! I know this map has a few mana glitches I have to fix but the spawns are flawless. I have already tested the map about 3 times. Now I'm worried that even if I beat the Azurians I won't win. Heres a pciture of what I'm talking about

Spotted (Game Time: 59 Minutes)

I have spotted Lord Azurian. I just got to kill the slight force thats in the open and cut through under the mountian flank, and hes mine...

For somereason the picture I took isn't here... I have no idea what happened to it. Sad

"****'! (Game Time: 1:14:10)

I sent my 15 cannons in about 20 minutes ago. They lasted about a minute. Never even made it halfway to Azurian terratory. That and my secret weapon, the Avatar of Anu, lasted me about 20 seconds. The only reason I knew he was done was because he was killing off my own men... My defences are now weakened extremely and the Azurians are comming strong. My quickest way to ending this to get on with my hunt for The Banished is now my small task force of 2 rolling towers and the 3 remaining cannons. One died and one got lost somewhere back. Must of forgot him.

Denied (Game Time: 1:20:45)

My squad failed. Those "****" stunners got the best of them. I was so close too... If only they where able to attack...

The End (Game Time: 2:00:59)
I took my Plan B, A group of mage archers with knights as spotters. I used a Alcoyte because the Hail Shower was very effective on them. With them I headed down south, slowly killing everything in my path. I pushed back trough about 150 of those darned Azurians till Lord Azurian came to me. My knights weakened him and my Alcolyte finished him off while my mage archers watched. After that I gained victory. I never found out where The Banished where... I just missed the monarch dieing because I thought I'd still have to find them. At least I won. =)

Now... How come there is only two people in the after battle report? Things just keep getting weirder...

Going to adjust the spawn on this map now. Even though it was fine before...

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PostSubject: Re: Aramon vs Azurians   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:44 am

Really nice screenshots! Really nice battle! However where are those Azurians I always hear about? Why aren't they included in the New Era Mod or in the TAK Ultimate Pack? Are they broken (overpowered) or normal, like the five core races?
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PostSubject: Re: Aramon vs Azurians   Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:05 pm

The azurians are pretty OP. I was working on something to 'fix' them but I gave up and then the original creator remade them and Idk what happened to them....
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PostSubject: Re: Aramon vs Azurians   Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:35 pm

Clay4141 wrote:
The azurians are pretty OP. I was working on something to 'fix' them but I gave up and then the original creator remade them and Idk what happened to them....

Yes! This - where'd it all go?!
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PostSubject: Re: Aramon vs Azurians   

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Aramon vs Azurians
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