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 Something's not right...

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PostSubject: Something's not right...   Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:28 am

I just set up a game using the Illohir race, against the Deleans. And Illohir, as you have it for DL right now, is.........not right.

The game speed was on normal. I checked. But everything I built...lodestones, buildings, towers, units, EVERYTHING, was done in like 2 seconds or less. The race was BUILDING like it was stuck on like +10. And I have about +450 mana pool after having built only 6 tier one lodestones on the large mana circles.

At first I thought I was just more tired than I thought I was (This was done at 2 am) but when I got over to the Delean side, they were all building normally. I didn't notice the units MOVING as though they were on +10, but they certainly built like it.

I dunno if this is just something wonky with the Download or if it was tinkered with further after the race was originally finished. I had a copy of it the first time it was announced as finished. And it worked fine...
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PostSubject: Re: Something's not right...   Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:32 pm

Dear WG-Chronos, when you play modded TA:K it is very common to encounter strange problems like the above. Just try to play a new map and the same problem may not happen. TA:K is like windows, sometimes they work properly, sometimes they don't! LOL
By the way, it would be really nice if you came back to have an online TAK match or two. See ya...
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Something's not right...
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