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 The Minimap...

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PostSubject: The Minimap...   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:23 am

* A feature that a lot of new TAK players (like me) do not notice is the minimap. The minimap holds great power! It shows you the explored area, the visible area, the size of the map, the type of the landscape (deep water, shallow water, walls, bridges, roads, passable cliffs, unpassable cliffs, hills, islands or plains), but most importantly it shows you the positions of your units, your allies and your enemies (they all appear as small colored dots and their color is same with the their respective player color).
* Notice that eyeshight and radar are two totally different things. The eyesight of a unit refers to its ability to see around the area, to wash away the fog of war, to reveal the black areas and to reveal the terrain in general. In the other hand, radar refers to a unit's ability to spot the locations of other units in a distance, even if the area is black or foggy, and to reveal the enemy in general. There are units with great eyesight but poor radar, and other with poor eyesight and great radar. Of course, there are units with both poor radar and eyesight (really bad for exploration) and units with both great eyesight and radar (excellent for exploration).
* Maybe the greatest feature of the minimap is that you can target and attack every unit that appears as a dot on it. Just left-click or drag and drop your attacking units and then left-click on the enemy dot on the minimap. This will also reveal what type of unit/building is. Notice that when you have a unit selected, it reveals not only its name, hitpoints, mana bar, but it also reveals the name and hitpoints of its target!
* In order to bring the full effect of the minimap, just press TAB. This button will reveal the whole minimap on the screen! The terrain is much more detailed and the units are much more detailed too! On TAB-minimap, you can see witch unit is ground (dot), which unit is ship (ship)[amphibious-aquatic units are also like ships], whitch unit is aerial (two wings), whitch building can produce units (castle) and witch building is defensive (tower)[lodestones are also like towers].
* To leave the TAB-minimap, jst press TAB again. TAB minimap is also great at selecting a lot of units easily with drag and drop. However, the best thing with the TAB-minimap is attacking units. You, again, have to left-click or drag and drop your attacking units and then left-click on the enemy unit/building (it is much easier to target buildings in TAB-minimap, cause they are bigger!).
* Mastering the minimap is really important. Fell free to practice with it!
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PostSubject: Re: The Minimap...   Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:47 pm

I found that it is most effective in finding where the battles are taking place especially when the map is large and potential confrontations are many and wide spread. You can hear the attack and the dots, fighting units, will blink when being attacked.
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The Minimap...
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