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 Campaign's movies

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PostSubject: Campaign's movies   Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:02 am

Book of Darien



The Iron Plague



It is revealed that after leaving Darien, Garacaius traveled north and founded the great Creon nation, throwing aside magic and superstition, and replacing it with technology and knowledge. The Creonites made him the first Sage of Creon.

The gunpowder which secured victory of Taros was purchased by Aramon from Creon. After the great war, Aramon sent a shipment of gold to Creon, under the protection of Veruna. The Cult of Lokken, led by Helegrin, learned of this shipment of gold, and sent their dreaded Ship of Doom after it.

When the shipment of gold never reached Creon, Veruna ships were sent to investigate. They found only debris and destruction, and a tattered captain's log describing 'unknown black ships' as those who had attacked. Creon also decided to investigate the delay in their payment. When their dark, iron ships appeared suddenly on the horizon, the Veruna captain responds swiftly and engages the Creon ships in combat.

Outraged, Creon sends a flotilla of iron clad ships against Veruna, but Kirenna has no desires for war, so soon after the Crusade against Lokken. So she cedes an island to Creon as a gesture of peace, but the people of the island rose up in rebellion against Creon.

Meanwhile, Elsin was furious when he learns of Kirenna's doings, mainly because the island which was ceded had been part of Aramon off and on throughout history. He sent her a message by spyhawk:

Sister Kirenna,
I would apprise you of my latest observer's report. The Aramon gold entrusted to your care was blundered away to privateers. Then your incompetent underlings compound your error with an attack on a great sovereign state with untested resources. At the least, you have stupidly put as at the mercy of their gunpowder. As to the Aramonian protectorate of Caora, how DARE you offer our land for Veruna's sins of state.
Elsin, Mage King of Aramon

Elsin's fury with Veruna was an ill-kept secret, and a popular sentiment. One of the Aramon's captains decides to seek Elsin's favor with an attack on Veruna ships in port, and one Veruna captain fought desparately for the open sea.

Veruna responds to the Creon iron rule of Caora by sending a message to the people, saying that Veruna will stand behind the people and throw the Creon iron soldiers back into the sea, and promised to send aid as quickly as possible.

In Taros, Helegrin slowly gained power, preaching the rise of the Taros empire once again. Drawn by voices only he could hear, he travels to the Crone's Crook, where the wreckage of the Sea Shadow, the ship that carried Lokken's mysterious artifact, the bottle, lay crashed about the rocks. Strange creatures were pouring over the wreckage, clad in iron. Helegrin vowed to stop them, and retrieve his monarch's mysterious bottle. Unfortunately, they proved to have arrived too late, and so turned their attention elsewhere.

Meanwhile, it was quite clear the Caora resistence would not be able to stand against their Creon oppressors without massive help. Kirenna, realizing this, sent a proposal to Aramon, that Caora be made into a freeport, so that both Aramon and Veruna could profit from the trade route. But first, they should unite as they had against Lokken, to overthrow the Creon invaders. Elsin quickly agreed.

But Elsin and Kirenna still did not know the full scope of what was happening. The 27th Sage of Creon, decendant of Garacaius himself, had hidden a vast fleet of Iron Clads off the shores of Caora. Secure in the knowledge of steel and reason, the 2th Sage of Creon vowed to end the superstition and the forbidden use of magic, as Garacaius had once preached.

Victorious at Caora, the forces of Creon moved onward to the coasts of Aramon. Ages ago, Garacaius wondered how the knowledge of science and steel would stand up against the boundless forces of magic...that time was now at hand. Battle after battle, the powerful forces of Creon gained victory over Aramon, using gunpowder and all the inventions Garacaius had witnessed ages ago against their enemies, as he wrested control of the north.

On Kingsbarrow Hills, Aramonian forces made their stand against Creon.

Meanwhile, back in Taros, Aramonian bounty hunters discovered the Cult of Lokken. When they discovered the shipment of Aramonian gold in their hands, Elsin realizes the whole war with Creon was waged under false pretenses. Now, a bold move is necessary to figure a way out of the conflict. Handing over control of the armies of Aramon to it's generals, Elsin takes with him an army of soldiers through the Mines of Bis, which are reported to lead directly into the heart of Creon. He warns his generals to be mindful, that the lords of the northern lands of Aramon might take advantage of his absence by allying with the Creon forces.

His fears proved true. The Aramonian lords, whose golden livery was reminiscent of Creon gold, turned against Aramon...they were known as Yellow Jackets, and plunged Aramon into Civil War.

Helegrin meanwhile was laboriously torturing the Creon soldiers in an attempt to learn the location of Lokken's bottle. He eventually learned that it was in the hands of the Creon Sage. Knowing he had no ships to make that journey, he turned to Thirsha in hopes of gaining transport by air.

Deep in the Mines of Bis, the Aramonian army under Elsin's lead encountered demonic beasts as they traveled deeper into the mines. There, they made a startling discovery...the half-eaten body of an Aramonian soldier bearing Creon gold. No doubt the fellow had been a spy, and Creon would be waiting for them.

Creon forces were meanwhile advancing on the central islands of Veruna. A desparate Kirenna sent an envoy to Creon, hoping to find a way out of this conflict. The reply was the remains of the envoy's body. The Sage of Creon was secure in his empire's ability to bring order and logic to the magic-infested lands of Darien...Creon WOULD rule Darien.

The Creon forces utterly decimate the Veruna fleets. With little hope left, Kirenna summons her greatest powers, and has a vision of Elsin in the Mines of Bis. Her last hope is to join him on his quest, in order to combine her magic with his in a final stand against the iron-clad armies of Creon.

Helegrin and the Cult of Lokken finally meet with Thirsha, who agrees to give them passage through the air. After their long journey, they discover a vast Creon research facility located inside a volcano. There, Thirsha tells Helegrin that she knows of his quest for Lokken's artifact, the Bottle. What's more, she informs the wizard that the very staff she wields, capped with a mogrium stone, was given to her by Lokken himself, and that if that staff touches the Bottle of Lokken, it will unleash power enough to bring a being back from the dead. All the years of hearing voices now comes full circle to Helegrin, knowing finally that his desperate attempt to bring Lokken back is coming.

After gaining the Bottle, Helegrin is successful in returning Lokken from the dead. Upon his return, Lokken laughs and vows that Creon will see a death so great, it would be as if they never were.

Meanwhile, Elsin's campaign against Creon was meeting swift resistence. At his greatest hour of need, Kirenna and her armies appears, and together they plan their strike against Creon at Atys. Gaining victory, Aramon and Veruna were still beset by the core forces of Creon, until by air an unexpected ally appeared: Thirsha, Huntress of Zhon. Though Elsin and Kirenna didn't hide their displeasure of Thirsha, they nevertheless allied together to stop the Creon Advancement once and for all.

But the three mage-emporers fell into squabble, until Lokken showed himself. With all 4 mage-emporers now together, they made a perilous alliance which would hold the fate of all Darien in the balance.

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign's movies   Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:10 am

OMG! What a storyline! I want to cry because of amusement! Shocked Shocked Shocked
I had forgotten how fricking epic and awesome the storyline of TA:K is!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign's movies   Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:53 am

I dont have original TAK

I got only movies for iron plaque
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign's movies   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:21 am

nice work
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PostSubject: Re: Campaign's movies   Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:38 pm

Amazing work Terminator. This I always had in mind but time consuming. Thanks for this great work.

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PostSubject: Re: Campaign's movies   

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Campaign's movies
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