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 How to Script Veteran Textures

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PostSubject: How to Script Veteran Textures   Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:04 pm

if you simply add the armour, (refering to 3do builder)
it will all appear when the unit is created.

it takes a little scripting to get it to appear at the correct times,
but it isn't that difficult.

if you have scriptor,
you could check out the "create" and "statuscontrol" sections of the script.

in the "create" section,
you can hide all of the armour pieces that you don't want to appear at first,
and in the "statuscontrol" section you can tell them when to appear,
with a little copying and pasting.

oh, and don't forget to add the extra pieces into the "pieces" line.

By honestlyok
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How to Script Veteran Textures
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