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 Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien

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PostSubject: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:38 pm

Hi guys,
I have finally written down the introductions of each Total Annihilation cutscene. Since I am not native English speaker, I was unable to 100% decipher all the words from the cutscenes, but I believe I got 90%, a great percentage if we consider the difficult language TA:K cutscenes have. Whatever is in "{ARTHAN's note: ...}", it is just a comment I made and it is not part of the story.

***Introduction: The Book of Darien

The magical violent land of Darien was once ruled by Garacaius, his mastery of magic made him immortal, but he found ruling an empire more challenging than conquering it, so he installed four monarchs of unquestioned loyalty into each of the four kingdoms of Darien, this rulers were his own children:
"To my first-born son Elsin, I bequith dominion over Aramon and the sigil of Earth. No more thriving or beautiest land exists, and this worthy son will build an ever greater kingdom, the marvel of the ages.
To my second-born Thirsa, I give Zhon of the sigil Wind. Wild Thirsa, born huntress, this is your fated home, a timeless unspoiled paradise of beasts and haunted echoes of Khandran wizardry!
And Lokken, third-born and evil-bent, I crown you master of Taros of the sigil Fire, a crown of thorns though this hard land might be, you will tame this dangerous realm or it will tame you...
Finally, fair Kirenna, sprite of the sea, you shall rule wave-washed Veruna of the sigil Water. Answer true, the water sigils call to brave horizons in ships of white beam and billowing sails."
- Garacaius, Mage Emperor of Darien
Garacaius had one more legacy for his children, four Khandran artifacts. These gave each monarch mystic powers to rival his own as well as immortality, if used wisely, these powers could bring new prosperity to the land, but if the forces of mana were ever misused, it will slowly but surely bend and twist the children of Garacaius, and all that threshold will lay disaster, not just for one ruler or one land, but for all of Darien. Within a century, each had absolute rule of the respective land. A century later, Garacaius, the man who had united the known world, vanished without a trace...

{ARTHAN's note: The expansion of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, knows as 'The Iron Plague', explains what is behind Garacaius dissapearence.}

***Mission 1 intro: All Hell Broken Loose

For fifteen-hundrend years after the mage emperor's dissapearance, the four kingdoms of Darien saw skirmishes and warfare, terrorism and piracy, but strict inherent of Garacaius magic discipline kept order secure, until an incident described by one eyewitness as 'all hell broken loose'. This was likely the end of the world. In the kingdom of Aramon, Emen the messenger approached the town of Abiad, accompanied by a small band of soldiers he encountered on the road. What happened next had sent shockwaves through the whole of Aramon, in a letter to his wife, Emen would write this:
"I could hardly had anticipated the unholy holocaust that was Abiad!"

{ARTHAN's note: Very simple tutorial-like mission. If you don't know the basics, take your time and practice on this mission.}

***Mission 2 intro: Victims, Not Victors

For the first time in Darien's history, demonic forces had been unleashed and undead armies had been sent to wreak havoc in Aramon. Though Emen survives, time was running out for those left in Abiad, he must get word to the coast garrison. Emen tries to calm the panicked soldiers and townspeople:
"Friends, fear not the dead! Would you run from some abate crone, or a pausing infant? Such is the so-called army. These are victims, not victors! Now, bury your fears and get us to the garrison!"
- Emen the Messenger, Abiad

{ARTHAN's note: Lol, zombies really behave like pausing infants!}

***Mission 3 intro: Order Overturned

From the walls of the garrison, Emen sent word of the invading horrors to the Lord-Commander of the eastern realm, who concluded an ancient prophecy had come to pass, he wrote to King Elsin:
"This Necromancer of Taros, King Lokken, has gained a new power. The dead walk at broad daylight, the natural order is overturned! This day was foretold in the Book of Darien, only one thing can protect us, the Heart of Thesh, a relic lost since the time of the Khandra. I have this day directed my most trusted soldier, Joreth of Heldain, to obtain a sqadron of handpick volunteers and to mount a quest for the Heart of Thesh, wherever it may be in Darien..."
Schoolars in the capital consulted ancient scrolls and tablets, several referecnes to the Heart place it in distant Veruna, in the city of Lothol. The expendition was soon under way, but Joreth escape was blocked, hordes of undead swarmed around the garrison...

{ARTHAN's note: The most difficult part of this mission is to load your troops on the Transport Ship, except if you already know how. You must select the Transport Ship and click the load button on the right of the screen. It is near the rest of the command buttons; attack, patrol, guard etc. The house of Heldain is one of the four major noble houses of Aramon. The TAK manual has more info about the noble houses of Darien.}

***Mission 4 intro: The Wedge

Across the sea from Aramon, the seafaring land of Veruna was also under attack, the assailants were monsters of a size and nature never seen before. Behind these attacks was Zhon, a land of mystery ruled by Thirsa the Huntress. This was not a random event, it was Zhon's task to drive away within the two allies, Aramon and Veruna. Keeping the two powers seperated was essential for the invasion on Aramon to succeed, creatures of the air descended on Veruna like angry bolts from a thunderhead...

{ARTHAN's note: Zhonian Drakes rule!}

***Mission 5 intro: Black Peace

Back in Aramon, the Tarosian invaders pressed forward, though the element of surprise was no longer on their side. Aramon began to fight back, the army of undead and deamons began to see their first losses. Their leader, the ruthless Zargolin, rallies the restless army:
"Death-longers, death-bringers, rise and offer black peace to the miserable breathers infesting this vile living land! Long live King Lokken, Prince of the Dead!"
-Zargolin, field commander of the Taros
A town were needed to be eradicated...

{ARTHAN's note: In this mission, you have to learn how to build structures and train units, so take your time and learn these mechanics well. Building/training are the core features of every RTS game, like Kingdoms.}

***Mission 6 intro: Jungle Screams

Veruna, angry with the recent occasion, sends an expenditionary force to the Zhon coast. In the past, few dare venture there, those who did seldom returned. This fact was not lost from the common sense of the sailors of the fleet, a Verunan sailor had wrote in his log:
"The coast of Zhon came out and we saw some flying beasties that scared some of the younger men! This is not weird, not one of us liked the place. 'The Zhon beasts may tear up your limbs', so we've heard. The captain says 'not to be fearful!', that's easy for him, he'll stay onboard!"
- Stark Tothiopin, Warship Veruna stern
On deck, thirst came as frozen terror and an awful sound from deep within the Zhon jungle, the tortured screams of living nightmares who lie and wait...

{ARTHAN's note: The ships on this mission have troops on them. To unload them, press the unload button next to the load button, like mission 3.}

***Mission 7 intro: Cleansing

Zhon resists Veruna's incursion into her territory, as was the custom before any significant battle, a Zhon Shaman sieses this totem glyph:
"Our warriors will crush the foul-smelling Veruna boatmen, fire Drakes will fill the sky! If these fools have a scrap of honor, they will co-operate and die quickly! We will sacrifice many beasts and, if the need be, our own lives to cleanse Zhon of these invaders!"

{ARTHAN's note: You can build more than a single unit with your Beast Handler by holding 'Shift' and by clicking around the map on the place you want to build your unit. Extremely useful mechanic!}

***Mission 8 intro: Without Mercy

Across the Edamothi Sea in Aramon, Tarosian forces prepare to surprise attack from their well-fortified encampment, the Taros commander notified King Lokken:
"The neccesary defences are in place. This land is disgustingly soft and filled with life! I hate the coil of almost sickly-sweet smell of the very air of this absurd land! I anticipate nothing stoping our progress toward the capital. A swift cut in the heart will rid us of these self-righteous sons of Aramon! I expect victory to be suddden and without mercy!"
- Zargolin, field commander, host of Taros

{ARTHAN's note: The capital of Aramon is called Kaluen.}

***Mission 9 intro: Unseen Hands

Taros learns of a devastating secret weapon the alchemist guild is developing for Aramon. King Lokken was optimal that the invasion force takes swift action:
"We direct our personal assassin, Mirazi Heket, to seek out the royal high-alchemist in the kingdom of Aramon, with pointed direction to his demise. I've sent an object you might find of some use, a ring of invisibility. Our Belial, God of the Void, bring painful death to our enemies!"
_ Lokken, Necromancer of Taros

{ARTHAN's note: Do not forget to 'cloak' Mirazi Heket, by pressing the corresponding button on the right of the screen.}

***Mission 10 intro: Nightmare Legions

The nightmare legions of Taros continue to take their toll on Aramon. There appears to be nothing that can stop Lokken's hellish men rising from beyond the grave...

{ARTHAN's note: Despite the fact you assassinate the high-alchemist in the previous mission, the Aramon will have their secret weapon anyway. Why? Play the Iron Plague and you will see why...}

***Mission 11 intro: Unholy Quest

Taros appears invincible now and seeks a swift conclusion:
"Our scheming warlocks have begun to build a monument dedicated to Belial, built in a proper location would provide a final sudden victory for our unholy quest!"
-Cramandross, Wizard of Taros
But Aramon will meet this heretical construction on their sacred ground with a fevered resistance.

{ARTHAN's note: Belial is the fire-based Taros God.}

***Mission 12 intro: The Ether's Fury

On the beleaguered Aramon side, wellcome news of hope! From the top of the gates of Kaluen, King Elsin himself shouted out the good news to the anxious thrall below:
"Men of Aramon, rejoice! The major weapon to win all wars is now ours! The Ether's fury has been tamed and the reins to controll it are in our grateful hands! Citizents, even as the monsters of Taros stalk in Kiron's Basin, our forces await them with savage new instruments of destruction! We are saved!"
- Elsin, Mage King of Aramon
Aramon had discovered gunpowder!

{ARTHAN's note: Aramon hadn't discovered gunpowder. That's a lie, play the Iron Plague expansion and you will understand...}

***Mission 13 intro: Madness and Disease

Across the sea of Mannan in Veruna, Joreth, having disband from Aramon, continues his quest for the Heart of Thesh. The difficulties are mounted, the city of Lothol was already under attack by both Zhon and Taros:
"We must come and dear a tight new ship and supplies to continue. Having found Lothol under attack by beasties, we are hard pressed to avoid trouble. Madness and disease spread into the surrounding countryside, smoke from the many bonefires of corspes have sickened my men. We must reach the relative safety of the city walls before nightfall, or this quest is over!"
-Joreth of Heldain

{ARTHAN's note: Unfortunately, the Heart is not in Lothol. However, it seems that Joreth, while in Lothol, learns the true city where the Heart is hidden. Look at mission 24.}

***Mission 14 intro: Unwelcome Guests

Over all the island kingdom of Veruna, beasts from Zhon were wreacking more havoc, but the hardy seafaring kingdom was ready to fight back:
"Zhon fire Drakes and all the monsters continue to assault shippingly, the harass costs of villagers, despite best efforts.
Recommend construction of shipyards and warships, sufficient to launch assault on nearby islands. I should lead them myself with pleasure! It is time to teach those unwelcome guests some manners!"
- Solan Rixx, Commodore, Verunan Navy

{ARTHAN's note: The capital of Veruna is the city of Lendra.}

***Mission 15 intro: Roiling Oceans

A mysterious roiling of the ocean and skies around Veruna, indicated a large group of Zhon beasts were headed for the bay, north of Lendra. This would be a critical area for the defense of their capital and their kingdom. Commodore Rixx was unimpressed:
"The commoners see of ending serpents of doom, foretold by legend. Every bravo or whoever cheated in cards thinks he brought these calamity abominations. I saw overgrown carp and canaries, food for cats! These creatures will soon be paraded through our streets!"

{ARTHAN's note: It seems that the land of Darien has its own 'book of apocalypse' and the commoners think that the Zhonian beasts are the 'monsters of the apocalypse', and came to punish them for their sins. Cool!}

***Mission 16 intro: A New Fleet

Aramon has shared his revolutionary weapon with Veruna. In secret shipyards on the island of Athri, new warships have blistered with stave-off-the-time armaments:
"I have this day reviewed a magnificent new fleet! Verunan ship builders have fashioned such exquisitely glorious nautical juggernauts, such as to leave one without speech! The contagion of our sailors, having just arrived from a hurry, is caused into silence and awe, then brake out and reached shouty clear! The docks of Steelwreaking was in celebration!"
- Nordeel Jarthal, Aramon fleet commendant, Verunan Theatre
Mighty Man-o-Wars, battle larches, Trebuchet Ships, all were ready to force Zhon from the beleaguered shores of Veruna,
once and for all...

{ARTHAN's note: Man-o-War is the only gunpowder-using Verunan ship. However, it is truly powerful, the strongest ship in the original game.}

***Mission 17 intro: Walking Towers

Veruna and Aramon, in a mood for revenge, have brought their warships to the shore of Zhon, but they have no intention of stopping there. A lone nomadic hunter from Zhon, Mishana, encounters a Verunan base under construction. There was little time to warn his people, Veruna will spill into the inter realm within days if they were not stopped now. This puts their monarch, Queen Thirsa, at risk! With his fine tracking skills and with a little luck, he seeks the lair of the stone giants.
A lone hunter stood no chance against the armored invaders, but with the legendary stone giants at his side there was hope. Only these walking towers of animated stone could withstand the Verunan weapons, and buy more time for Zhon...

{ARTHAN's note: I have noticed that in this mission, each time you play it, the Stone Giants are hidden in a different place of the map. Quite cool feature, if you ask me!}

***Mission 18 intro: War

The victory celebration was short-lived, Veruna remained highly resistant to Zhon attacks and began to arrive in greater numbers. It was clear that the smaller skirmishes and engangements were over. The war has now become an urgent, Zhon no longer fought to terrorise simple sailors, they now fought for their very existence...

{ARTHAN's note: This is my favorite Zhon mission! I love how the Verunans send their troops across the river via Transport Ships and you throw rocks against them with your Stone Giants!}

***Mission 19 intro: One Sword

A war council of Zhon chiefs is stunned by the appearance of Queen Thirsa! She was rarely seen outside the hidden city of Ulasem. No outsider have seen her for almost one thousand years! She has transformed over the centuries into something less than human but more than animal. To outsiders, she was a mystery, a near-legendary figure never seen by civilized eyes. To the Zhon, she was no less than a Godess:
"These schemers, these thieves who were once my brother and sister, they have encroached on us for centuries, pillaging in for artifacts here and dying out there! Now they come with force to take everything from us! We must fight like never before! Not as scattered tribes or creatures, but as one mind, one hand, one sword!
- Thirsa, Huntress of Zhon
The Jungle Orcs were thirsty for Verunan blood...

{ARTHAN's note: Ulasem is the capital of Zhon.}

***Mission 20 intro: Landfall

Zhon had taken its toll on the weary Verunans. Back at the floating camp, plans are being laid to reclaim the beachhead on Zhon:
"It is shameful for a son of Veruna to save us, but an army needs land beneath its feet. Our only hope is to establish in a new foothold on this high-pathetic continent! The new ships have been promised for weeks, and the weather delays them again and again! We will never take out the greater target Taros without them! No one will live a Zhonian alive! Lihr will sent his calm seas soon..."
- Solan Rixx, Commodore of the Verunan Navy

{ARTHAN's note: Lihr is the water-based Verunan God.}

***Mission 21 intro: Ships of Doom

Finally, the magnificent ships of doom, as Commodore Rixx of Veruna called them, arrived:
"These gunpowdered-filled death machines, the Trebuchet, the Man-o-War, shall make it straight through the straights of Giralion, clear to a landing safe of villians! The capital of Taros is thus within our grasp. With ships such as these, Zhon will pause no threat and King Lokken will hear the roar of these mighty guns all the way through his precarious throat!"
- Solan Rixx, Commodore of Verunan Navy

{ARTHAN's note: The Trebuchet is NOT a gunpowered-filled machine, it is just another type of catapult. Solan Rixx is such a noob!}

***Mission 22 intro: Target Practice

The island of Zakum, in sea of Tapas, seems a perfect stage for a Verunan invasion on the Taros mainland. However, Verunan spotters in observation ballons detected a large concetration of Tarosian troops. The Commodore's response, 'Target practice!'...

{ARTHAN's note: Is Solan Rixx supposed to be a good person? I mean, he always sounds so arrogant and sadistic, and that 'Target practice!' he says above only a Tarosian or Zhonian could say it, but anyway, the Aramon and Veruna are supposed to be the good guys, so whatever they do is for the greater good (even if it is evil) and whatever Taros or Zhon does is for the greater evil (even if it is good)! Yes, I am sarcastic right now!}

***Mission 23 intro: The Butcher of Zakum

In the Taros camp, the Aramon prisoners have been subjected to sacrifice and torture, all under the direction of Baron Leimar, the butcher of Zakum! With the camp liberated, a great cry for revenge was heard, both from the former inmates and the horrifying invaders:
"We've seen some terrible things! Not one of us will shrink from killing the Baron with bare hands, given the chance."
- Confix, soldier of Aramon
Across the island, the Baron is barricated in his fortress, intent on escaping the vengeance of his former prisoners.

{ARTHAN's note: My favorite Veruna mission! I love the prisoners who fight with their own chains!}

***Mission 24 intro: Teribble Discovery

Back in the kingdom of Zhon, the quest for the Heart of Thesh has led Joreth to the ancient Khandran ruins of Lahun:
"The smoke of battle was still in the air, I counted many dead, battle whreckage, catapults and other battle engines of some use. Also saggy monsters of a size tight to be avoided at all costs!"
Joreth was approaching a terrible discovery, the key to the Heart of Thresh mystery...

{ARTHAN's note: Khandran is an ancient extinct human kingdom which had a great knowledge in magic. The TAK manual has more info about it.}

***Mission 25 intro: Betrayal

The best hope for Aramon and Veruna was gone, and the worst fear was realised. As a skilled sorcerer, Lokken was also aware of prophecy surrounding the Heart of Thesh. Like Joreth, his agents, both magical and mundane, had been scouring Darien for months in search for the Heart. Scant hours ahead of Joreth's arrival in Lahun, their quest met with success. Lokken now possesses the Heart of Thesh! Without it, the deamons and undead inflicting Darien could never be sent back to their dark netherworld. Joreth writes to the lord commander:
"Time is short and I can not await your council. In order to recover the Heart, we must proceed directly to Taros! There I would define where the necromancer has hidden the thing! And take it from his bullying hands directly if need be!"
-Joreth of Heldain

Across Vanir's Breach from Zhon, Aramon had been betrayed by one of its own. Lord Buriash allied with Taros and allowed a massive force to enter via his province. His price, the crown of Aramon, once the invasion was complete. House Buriash had once ruled Aramon and with this alliance it hoped to regain its lost glory. Even his own soldiers were astonished at the boldness of his move:
"I've never seen such an army as we had! Quick corpses, banshee, beasts joined up with traitors and all matter of lost bastards! Towns were not taken, we were like equal. There's not doubting that the Buriash would put us back at the top before the year is out!"
With the Tarosian Black Knight and Dark Hand, not to mention the earth-based spells from his Acolytes of Anu, the traitorous Buriash shifts across Aramon unchecked like a poisonous wind from hell...

{ARTHAN's note: The House of Buriash is the biggest of the four noble houses of Aramon. The TAK manual has more information about Aramon noble families. By the way, King Lokken should had found the Heart of Thesh years before he decided to invade Aramon, not just scant hours before the Joreth's arrival in Lahun. He shouldn't be so lazy about it.}

***Mission 26 intro: We Are The Future

The Buriash-Lokken alliance army plunged forward without sleep or mercy, their target was the holy city of Narmer and the splendour Temple of Anu:
"The ancient temple before us represents an evil past. Have you all feared the ways of Elsin? It has to die for us to live!
Join me in a quest of new, stronger Aramon, where the gift of mana is enjoyed by all, not just a distant, immortal king!
We are the future! We are the brave new order!"
- Lord Buriash, salvator of Aramon
Narmer seemed helpless to resist the forces engulfing it...

{ARTHAN's note: Anu is the earth-based Aramon God.}

***Mission 27 intro: A Land Not Fit For Humans

The two sides seemed to have a knife poised at each other throats. Back in Taros, Aramon's invasion is procceeding to plan. Under the leadership of the young lord Dernhest, preperations are being made for the siege of Shekelesh:
"We are all afraid at night, the enemy creatures make such odd noises. We have lost several of my troop to desertion,
it is not a land fit for humans!"
The first order of bussiness was the pacification of the surrouding countryside. Dernhest army mounted on massive offensive to rid the area of opposition...

{ARTHAN's note: The first true difficult mission on the original campaign. Derhest is also a major noble house of Aramon. The manual has more info for them.}

***Mission 28 intro: Bury The Dead

Young Dernhest presses on, pacesetting towards the key city of Shekelesh. The campaign continued smoothly,
as the Tarosians scatter on the wake of Aramon's advance. Outriders and scouts report puzzling activity in the enemy camp:
"This Lokken, the great disturber, makes the strangest general! I pressed on a league, so I had our main force infiltrated a zombie contagion that adopted like garbed mana. If the soldiers of Aramon appeared in a place, we were instructed to quickly leave, leaving the invaders free reighn."
- Unknown, Spy of Aramon
Lord Dernhest was dissapointed at the ease of conquest the scattered zombie forces of Taros presented. "This great military undertaking", he complains, "had been just that! Bury the dead, bury the dead...". These words will soon prove to have two meanings...

{ARTHAN's note: The unkown spy actually describes a Mind Mage attack against Aramonan troops, but he doesn't yet know what it is, so when the affected troops order the squad to leave the area and let the Tarosian forces undisturbed, he find the event just as 'strange'! Too bad you cannot use the Mind Mage with the same way in the real game!}

***Mission 29 intro: Empty Streets

The lord-mayor of Shekelesh defer to Aramon's overpowering force, and immediately surrendered to Lordling Dernhest. The forces of Aramon marched into a city nearly empty of inhabitants. Nevertheless, young Dernhest seize the opportunity to glorify his victory:
"By the silver hand of Anu, lord of light, I claim these blasted lands for Elsin, Mage King of Aramon, slayer of monsters, forgiver of heresies, shutter of calamity and collector of tribute!"
- Lord Dernhest, Noble of Aramon
But the empty city baited one unanswered question. Where and everyone gone?

{ARTHAN's note: "... and collector of tribute!", the most important aspect was left for the end, LOL!}

***Mission 30 intro: Death Squads

Taros has manuevered the Aramon army into the confining walls of Shekelesh. Aramon pacification patrols begun scouring the ground outside the city walls:
"Our nobles were inside fishing and drinking and outside we could smell them out there! These things, it could be thousands, enough to make your skin crawl!"
Tarosian death squads, ringing the city now, moved silently to desolate these patrols. The attack, when it came, had to be a complete surprise...

{ARTHAN's note: The fact the nobles are fishing inside a non-coastal city sounds weird. However, Taros cities have long water canals and small ponds inside them, so the nobles are probably fishing there.}

***Mission 31 intro: Slaughter of Shekelesh

The Tarosians descend on Shekelesh with inhuman fury. There seems no end to their numbers, no limit to the carnage.
This day became known as 'The Slaughter of Shekelesh', a day of celebration! Amid the smoking ruins, this letter from a weary soldier survives:
"Aside the walls of the city, I can hear death screams now and meddling monsters at full attack! I will not return from this one, that's sure! All-out surrounded, attempting to wound one man! It was a bad plan to coming through here like this..."
- Confix, soldier of Aramon

{ARTHAN's note: Obviously, this day will be a celebration day for the Taros only.
For the country of Aramon, it will be its 'nine eleven'...}

***Mission 32 intro: Bait

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Zhon, the strife of Aramon and Taros has cut supply lines to the struggling Verunans. Patrols into the depth wilderness of Zhon seldom returned:
"We know what the boatmen think of us. They think we are only animals, each fighting to protect itself, but not a true army. But our tribes stand together now, Kinik and Ihom were once enemies, today one baits the snare, while the other draws tight the string! These northern people are angry and fearful! Who then is trully the animal?"

{ARTHAN's notes: Kinik and Ihom are two of the four major Zhon tribes. The TAK manual has more details about them. The Verunans are called 'northern people' because Veruna is to the north part of the Darien map, while Zhon stands on the southeast part of Darien.}

***Mission 33 intro: One Quiet Man

Zhon must now get the measure of the Verunan encampent's defences. The Uru tribe is legendary for their hunting abilities, of with they stealthly gain acces to pray:
"One quiet man can see what a vast army can not."
- Troiss, Uru Warrior
Once more the indigenous skills and resolution of the Zhon, are put to the test against the invaders from Veruna.

{ARTHAN's note: Uru is one of the four major Zhon tribes. The TAK manual has more information about the tribes of Zhon.}

***Mission 34 intro: Vengeance

Zhon now moves on a massive scale to rid itself once and for all of the Verunan pests. the gun-burying warships are particular targets. The Verunan commander summed it up:
"This is cannons and steel versus animals and arrows! Why bother with strategy?"
He was about to learn why! Zhon's humanoid and beast army swept toward the coast isolation with vengeance...

{ARTHAN's note: This is by far the most difficult Zhon mission!}

***Mission 35 intro: Emen's Message

Back in Aramon, the traitorous Lord Buriash now demands unconditional surrender in the gates of the capital. For this, he will guarantee the safety of the population. A sceptical King Elsin will have none of it! He calls Emen the Messenger to his chamber:
"I, this hour, have been commissioned by the king! I am tasked to assassinate the traitorous Lord Buriash, by means of delivering a message with poison dagger in place of surrender. Be brave, and as much as I would be foolish enough to make the attemp! Your husband, Emen"
With dagger and diplomatic pouch, Emen enters the camp under the intense scroting of the traitor's bodyguards...

{ARTHAN's note: Lord Buriash, as it seems, was an arrogant fool. He was so sure for his victory that he let himself lightly guarded and accepted a meeting with Emen without suspecting the assassination plan. And King Elsin is a good king, that's why he doesn't negotiate his crown and sends poor Emen into a suicide mission! Yes, I am sarcastic, again!}

***Mission 36 intro: Common Folk

With Buriash dead, the Tarosian troops and creatures turned on their one-time allies. Towns and castles freshly conquered, were once again awashed with fire and blood. Back in Buriash's home province, the common folk have had enough! Angry and shamed over their lord's co-operation with Taros, and the new attacks by wandering bands of undead,
brought the commonfolk to take arms! A group of farmers led by a single determined woman, Elya Kos, are on the long march:
"Our lord betrayed Aramon, but shall we? We will not serve the dead, the deamons, the work of evil that Buriash has put on! Let us storm the gates of house Buriash, and end this plague on our fair land!"
- Elya Kos
The wreck of armament, the brave insurgents hoped to swell their ranks and prevail through sheer numbers...

{ARTHAN's note: I love when people rebel against their tyrants!}

***Mission 37 intro: The Heart Of Thesh

Joreth reaches the vicinity of Elam, the capital of Taros. Through stealth and interrogation of a captive zealous trooper, he discovers the Heart of Thesh is kept in a heavily guarded compound, outside the city walls. This is the Temple of Belial:
"The objective is to penetrate the Temple's perimeter by means of stealth. This conversation could prove folly. Once inside, we may have a fair measure of battle."
- Joreth of Heldain
Joreth observes that the Temple's patrols are frequent but regular.

{ARTHAN's note: I can't quite understand why the Heart of Thesh wasn't kept inside the Elam's walls and with a massive army to protect it. Seems that Lokken is not very interested in keeping the Heart safe but anyawy...}

***Mission 38 intro: Weaving Into History

Joreth had succeeded! With the artifact in hand, he journeys back from the hellish land of Taros and, across the sea, to the island of Estoril, the ruined capital of the lost Khandran. It was here that a strange and dangerous ritual will be attempted. The priests of Anu, after shifting through many ancient tomes, discovered the true purpose of the Heart of Thesh. The Heart could summon the mighty sacred dragons of Anu! These was the means of their delivery, first the priest must attemp of weaving into forces that hasn't been attempted in over a thousand years. Even the Mage Emperor Garacaius had never mastered this treacherous spell! The gathered priests and mystics decided than where one mage had failed, a group might succeed:
"We will attempt a sacrifice of animals, on those sacred circles, in the presence of the Heart of Thesh. If we fail, our universe is forever in the hands of darkness..."
- Ivigul, High Priest of Anu

{ARTHAN's note: Fortunately, in skirmish matches and in later single-player missions, you don't need the Heart of Thresh and the above ritual to summon the Golden Dragon of Aramon, you just need an Acolyte of Anu available!}

***Mission 39 intro: Splendorous Wings

The Sacred Dragons, summoned by the Heart of Thesh, begin to free Aramon from the black grip of Taros forever:
"Our Dragons of Anu, carry on these splendorous wings of soaring hopes of good men everywhere! And where there are shadows cast, cast out our enemies and forever free Aramon to a kind of destiny than Lokken's black world!"
- Ivigul, High Priest of Anu
No one had ever seen dragons fighting on the side of righteousness before! The forces of Taros are scattered in terror...

{ARTHAN's note: For a reason I do not know, this battle log uses plural number when it refers to the Sacred Dragon of Anu, like there is more than a single Sacred Dragon at the same time on the battlefield. In gaming terms, this is strange since you can have only one Golden Dragon at a time. It may uses the plural number in order to emphasize the strength of the holy dragon of Anu, or maybe, in story terms, the Heart of Thresh have used to create more than a single Golden Dragon, since it would be difficult for a single one to get rid of all the invading Tarosians at the same time.}

***Mission 40 intro: Burning Into History

In Zhon, the beliguered forces of Veruna looked to the sky. At first, they are terrified, thinking a new monster has arrived to desolate them. Then they hear a collective wail from the surrounding beasts and hunters, as if by instinct the Zhon know the great flying creatures have come for them! They will remember this day for generations in songs and husky stories around their fires. The Dragons of Anu descend, burning their way into history...

{ARTHAN's note: The plural number is also used here when referring to the Golden Dragon of Anu. By the way, Zhon seems like it hasn't the Ancient Dragon available yet, or else the Gold Dragon would have had a hard time in this mission.}

***Mission 41 intro: Collapse

The dragons, the uprising of Aramon and Elsin's appearance on the battlefield, has tipped the scales of battle in favor of the Aramon-Veruna alliance. Here in Zhon, all pretense of organised resistance faulters, and increasingly the tribes turn to a single desperate goal:
"One heart among us hold the spirit, voice and blood of our anscestors. All tribes of Zhon must be the roots of one tree,
and protect Queen Thirsa, as Tammuz, Godess of the Hunt, protects us all!"
- Zhon Tribal Leader
The Zhon forces collapse around Queen Thirsa's royal standard and swelly retreat back to the jungle. Their taste of war has shrouded. Their only goal now is to protect their Queen and vanish her into the enfolding safety of Zhon's inter realm...

{ARTHAN's note: Tammuz is the air-based Zhon Godess.}

***Mission 42 intro: Escape

Verunan aerial spotters are keeping close watch on the escaping Zhon forces, allowing ambushes to be set for them in clearance. As the Zhon warriors protecting the hunters make for the Haemus Mountains, they hope to snare Verunans into their own traps. The battle to protect the Queen grow more fierce...

{ARTHAN's note: The last mission we see Zhon. So sad...}

***Mission 43 intro: Precious Cargo

Aramon and Veruna sweep across Darien. The remaining undead on Aramon are quickly dispached! The few fanatics, still loyal to Buriash, are captured and soon put to work, rebuilding the cities they had helped to destroy. Zhon is in retreat and Veruna is once again the controller of the sea. Once final obstacle remains, Lokken the Necromancer, King of Taros, is waiting behind the walls of his capital, Elam! As the siege begins, Lokken's Chief Sorcerer, Dealos, passes a cryptic order to his elite squad of wizards:
"Our master has commanded us to convoy this precious cargo away from danger. Your life, which is the very main essence of each of you, it is NOTHING to the safety of this!"
- Dealos, Chief Sorcerer of Lokken
A curious band of warriors, expert mages and their beastly minions prepare for the smuggling of a mysterious bottle, right through the iron grip of Elsin's army...

{ARTHAN's note: Lokken has a 'secret weapon' of his own, called 'precious cargo'! To complete this mission, you should learn how to use the area attacks of the Fire Mages and the Weather Witches.}

***Mission 44 intro: The Noose Draws Tighter

The leaders of the allied forces of Aramon and Veruna fear that Lokken has escaped their noose, but the sorcerer's divinity presence is still within the city of Elam. And so the noose draws even tighter, the walls of the city must be breached!

{ARTHAN's note: It seems that each Monarch of Darien has a very strong aura of divinity, since he/she is immortal. Elsin and Kirenna had felt the presence of such an aura and, because of that, they knew Lokken was inside Elam and he hadn't escaped. However, his precious cargo will manage to escape the siege.}

***Mission 45 intro: Beset With Danger

The combined forces of Aramon and Veruna hold the land and passes near the coast. And it is up to the escort,
carrying Lokken's precious secret cargo, to find a way through the enemy lines. Rantel, a royal sorceress escorting the wagon, speculates on the mission in her journal:
"The journey from Elam was beset with dangers! Our powers are taxed to the limit to defend this mysterious cargo. What can it be that Lokken value so high? I would attempt divination but I am not so sure that the others would detect it and throw at me. We have no choice but to push onwards to the sea."
- Rantel, sorceress to the crown of Taros
The smugglers must create a diversion for the fleet blocking the road to their ship.

{ARTHAN's note: Divination magic, in medieval fantasy cosmologies, is usually a type of magic that gives you information about an object or something else. It is also known that a skilled wizard can detect the presence and type of weaker magical auras and spells near him. That's why Rantel wishes to use divination in order to identify the cargo's true properties, but the rest of the group could detect the divination magic casted on the precious object and she may be accused for betrayal or worse.}

***Mission 46 intro: The Heart of Elam

The central forces of the Aramon-Verunan alliance continue to press forward to very heart o Elam. Now they must breach the inner fortress. Victory is in their grasp, but the besiegers are wary. What tricks did Lokken had installed for them?

{ARTHAN's note: This is not a very hard mission, if you are prepared for the gold-ranked Ghosts Ships and Fire Deamons,
that will attack early in the game!}

***Mission 47 intro: Sea Shadow

Meanwhile, the mage brigade bearing the mysterious bottle, that Lokken had sacrifieced so much to protect,
draws near the ship of a smuggler. The captain sees only a wealthy client with contraband to be moved,
never realising the magnitude of his cargo. Captain's log:
"We'll remain cloaked, yet we will be quickly spotted if drawn too closely to the ships of Aramon and Veruna. This cargo arriving, this strange Lokken-crafted bottle, upsets the whole crew. They fear it is an evil thing that can bring only ill seas and serpents to our voyage! Even if our destination is unknown, the bottle is to hold that key as well"
-Captain Melven, r.t.s. Sea Shadow

{ARTHAN's note: There is an extra cinematic which shows what has happened to Sea Shadow, see below...}

***Mission 48 intro: The Heavens Will Quake

Lokken's defences were melting away, but he had preserved a truly terrifying host of allies for his final confrontation with his brother and his sister, King Elsin and Queen Kirenna. When commanded by them to surrender, Lokken replies with his customary confidence:
"Elsin? Kirenna? The good children? Still following the useless law of a long-forgotten king? I have discarded the superstitions of the old-man. I've gained power and wisdom beyond your copping hinge. I will soon throw off the shackles of this backward land and even the heavens will quake at my command! A pity you have wasted your immortality seeking the praise, adulation of these pathetic mortals! You could have casted them off like some bunch of flies, and join me into a higher plain of consiousness! You have wasted your lives! I will therefore take them from you..."

{ARTHAN's note: The last and the most epic mission awaits you! By the way, Lokken is pretty calm for someone who is surrounded by everywhere, isn't he? It is like he is not afraid to die, hmm... maybe the Iron Plague holds the answer here. If you have finished the original campaign, why don't you try it?}

***Ending: The Book of Darien

"We got around that the necromance was dead! That set off such a drinking and drowsing I will never see the equal! Men like me with a home and wife just stared back, for there was no more army and no need of one! I saw some undead returning to the ground, looks like the fight is going out of them, I'll figure it out when I go to the next port..."
-Confix, soldier of Aramon
"With the fleet returned to the harbour of Lendra, seemed like all Veruna was there to welcome us home! Banners were hanged on every wall, people filled every rooftop and pier, each warship fired a few salutes, as they cleared the lighthouse. Common People come here to see all these new weapons! Thhey were quite entertained! We all felt like heroes that day!"
-Solan Rixx, Commondore of Verunan Navy
"Narmer astounded all who returned. The devastation was beyond belief! It seems no two bricks previously joined had remained together, yet there in the rubble, will be dragned shopkeepers with their wear on making shift tables, two alchemist sat on the top of a staue arguing about chemicals and compounds. We people of Aramon are tough! A battalion of mage masons were soon to arrive. Hope has returned to Narmer!"
- Andrhak Hankaran, Historian of Narmer
Fifteen hundrent years of strife amongst the four monarchs conclude with the triumph of righteousness. The criers shout it from every rampart from every kingdom, salvatory bonfires line every shore from Lendra to Kaluen, the heroic dead are mourned and what it was broken it is repaired. Taros is now called 'Taros free land'. Its survivng people, scattered by war and calamity, begin to return. Life would be never be soft in this harsh, forbidding land, but with the Shadow of Lokken lifted and his demonic minions fled, the land will heal, life begins anew...

{ARTHAN's note: 'Confix, Soldier of Aramon' also appears in the intro of mission 23: The Butcher of Zakum and mission 31: Slaughter of Shekelesh, 'Solan Rixx, Commondore of Verunan Navy' is the well-known commodore of many Verunan missions, 'Andrhak Hankaran, Historian of Narmer' hasn't appeared before.}

***Extra Cinematic: The Journey of the Sea Shadow

And to the north, in the sea of Mokanna, an icy gale drives the lone schooner Sea Shadow to the end of the world. To the end of the old world...
"The pilot swears the very stars themselves are shifting! The magnetic stone spins like a dervish! The niggling sailors have gone mad and stepped overboard for curing! The wheel spins with its own mind now and steers for strange black clouds of the north horizon! Except for my captaincy, I would follow my men and seek the mercy of those black waves."
-Captain Melven, r.t.s. Sea Shadow

{ARTHAN's note: The Sea Shadow had probably reached the land of Creon, whitch is the fifth fraction introduced into the expansion pack. So, the story goes on the 'Iron Plague'...}

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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:13 pm

Awesome job ARTHAN!

When we play the game we use to forget that the history of tak is just as beautifull as the
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:58 pm

excellent work IMP

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"
Mark Twain
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:09 pm

Aweeeeeeesome! This is what I want! I'm so happy.
Are you going to write down Iron Plague part continue?
I'm so glad to know you.
I appreciate your help.
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:56 pm

Arthan I added this topic to


sunsegle, this link includes the IP part, but it wasn't written by me. I just copied it from somewhere.
Also I'm not sure if those paragraphs are divided by missions.
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:04 pm

Best TA:K player ever wrote:
Arthan I added this topic to


sunsegle, this link includes the IP part, but it wasn't written by me. I just copied it from somewhere.
Also I'm not sure if those paragraphs are divided by missions.

This is not what I wanted.
But, many thanks.
I appreciate it.
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:41 pm

"{ARTHAN's note: The Trebuchet is NOT a gunpowered-filled machine, it is just another type of catapult. Solan Rixx is such a noob!}"

but soundhit class of trebuchet ship is cannon
also effect looks more like explosion than typicall stone dust

so trebuchet ship in my opinion: is trebuchet which use not stone bullet but cannon ammo (black balls xD) but trebuchet ship is still catapult type machine

but thx for your job
finally i can understand TA:K story not just watch for movie and quessing LOL
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:12 pm

^Lol, answering to this just right now...
I really had never though of Trebuchet's ammunition being filled with gunpowder. Nice suggestion, On-your-way! Very Happy
By the way, thank you for thanking me for my job! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:08 pm

wow mission 17 really got random triger (random stone giants locations)
i must check this mission properly (missions.hpi)

so now i undestand why i have problem when i second time play campaign
(i remebered from first time that stone giant are in 100% one location or close to this location but i didnt search for new areas and warriors raped my hunter xD )

\"****\" how to open .tnt file or .cob from mission.hpi
there isn't even hunter or stone giants on .ota file so they are probably produced by trigers or hmm eee don't know

Edit 2
ok there are 4 location that say scriptor
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PostSubject: Re: Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien   

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Cutscenes Dialogues Written: The Book of Darien
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