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 New Years Eve Multiplayer Mission - Tribal Vow

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PostSubject: New Years Eve Multiplayer Mission - Tribal Vow   Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:42 am

This is the multiplayer version of a signle-player mission I once made.
Player 1 & 2 must both be humans, player 4 is an ally of player 1 & 2 (it must be controlled by an AI) and player 3 is enemy of the other players (it must be controlled by an AI too).

The task is to bring the appropriate hero among the villagers of fellow Zhon tribes in order to convience them to join you against the Verunans. Once you've converted them, destroy every Verunan factory (Sea Fort, Enclave, Citadel) in order to win.

The Verunans are progressing deeply within the savanna of Zhon. However, four famous heroes along with a Clan Chief have decided to unite the surrounding villages against the common enemy. These heroes are Nito the Goblin, Kireq the Hunter, Butta the Swamp Beast and Volmax the Troll warrior.

* Bring each hero to the respective village in order to convert it.
* After converting all the 5 villages, use the Beast Tamers to summon an army and to destroy every factory (Enclave, Sea Fort, Citadel) the Verunans may have.
* Beware! Verunan Warriors and Amazons may attack your main base.
* Keep Nito, Butta, Kireq, Volmax and your Clan Chief alive.

Download the map here:

Happy new year! Very Happy
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New Years Eve Multiplayer Mission - Tribal Vow
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